API Documentation

The JobGizmo API is intended to assist commissioned developers on how to properly "tap" in to the JobGizmo user database. It's really cool stuff and is utilized by the web app, browser widget and mobile app. Feel free to poke around, and familiarize yourself.

JobGizmo's data is accessed through an HTTP web service api. It is located at the following url:


Note that the api is invoked by sending either GET or POST variables. The api accepts POST data by default. In order to modify it to receive GET data, you'll have to send the following parameter along with your request:

$requestType = "get".

So your call may look like the following:


Please also note that you will need to send your developer api key along with the rest of your variables to in order to invoke certain methods. Currently, the only method that requires this key is AddUser.

So, a call to AddUser would look like:


We've included our PHP wrapper api for your reference.

JobGizmo Wrapper API

This is simply a php wrapper that can instantiates on your PHP 5 enabled server. To invoke it, you'd do something like the following:

$jg = new JobGizmo();
$result = $jg->GetAllJobs($userid);

These are just quick examples intended to brief you on some of the capabilities of the JobGizmo api. For a more thorough breakdown and explanation of all of the methods, please refer to this rest of this documentation.

Thank you, and peace out.

Oh and on a completely unrelated note: did you know that the guy who made JobGizmo also made a movie?